Dr Naylor - GP Partner

Joined the practice as a partner in 2003. She performs minor surgery, and is interested in the variety that General Practice has to offer; management, consultation skills, and health promotion.

Dr Petersen - GP Partner

Is a partner who has worked at the practice since 2000. She has a special interest in the baby clinic, learning difficulties, contraception, mental health and women’s health.

Dr Cassie - GP Partner

Join the practice as a salaried GP in 2004 and became a partner in 2008. Her interests include Diabetes, and family planning.


Dr Marshall - GP Partner

First joined the practice in 2008 as a salaried GP. He became a partner in 2010. He has a special interest in Dermatology, men’s health, sexual health, and contraception.

Dr Batsford - GP Partner

Has worked at the practice for many years as a regular locum GP before becoming a partner in 2012.

Mrs Hume - Practice Manager

Brenda joined the practice in February 2009. She has many years experience working the financial services sector.

Mary Weakford - Practice Nurse

Joined the practice in 2005 and provides screening for all chronic diseases such as heart disease, asthma, COPD and hypertension.

Janice King - Practice Nurse

Janice joined the practice in 2012 and in addition to chronic disease management, also provides specialist diabetic care.

Helen Cooper - Health Care

Is one of our Health Care Assistant and has been at the practice since 2015 after a long career as a midwife. Helen carries out duties including ECGs, blood tests and blood pressures.

Anj Faherty - Health Care

Joined the practice in 2011 as a receptionist and since 2014 works as one of our Health Care Assistants. her duties include blood tests, blood pressure checks and pre-diabetes checks.



We have a valuable support team, many who have served at the practice for many years - Amanda, Jenni, Anj, Debby O, Debbie P,Dawn, Louise, Pat, Debbie S & Nadine.