Dr Naylor - GP Partner

Joined the practice as a partner in 2003. She performs minor surgery, and is interested in the variety that General Practice has to offer; management, consultation skills, and health promotion.

Dr Petersen - GP Partner

Is a partner who has worked at the practice since 2000. She has a special interest in the baby clinic, learning difficulties, contraception, mental health and women’s health.

Dr Cassie - GP Partner

Join the practice as a salaried GP in 2004 and became a partner in 2008. Her interests include Diabetes, and family planning.


Dr Marshall - GP Partner

First joined the practice in 2008 as a salaried GP. He became a partner in 2010. He has a special interest in Dermatology, men’s health, sexual health, and contraception.

Dr Batsford - GP Partner

Has worked at the practice for many years as a regular locum GP before becoming a partner in 2012.

Gail Yule - Managing Partner

Gail joined the practice in December 2012.Joining the management team in June 2017 and April 2020 joined the Forum Family partnership.  She has many years experience working in management.

Mary Weakford - Practice Nurse

Joined the practice in 2005 and provides screening for all chronic diseases such as heart disease, asthma, COPD and hypertension.

Janice King - Practice Nurse

Janice joined the practice in 2012 and in addition to chronic disease management, also provides specialist diabetic care.

Helen Cooper - Health Care

Is one of our Health Care Assistant and has been at the practice since 2015 after a long career as a midwife. Helen carries out duties including ECGs, blood tests and blood pressures.

Anj Faherty - Health Care

Joined the practice in 2011 as a receptionist and since 2014 works as one of our Health Care Assistants. her duties include blood tests, blood pressure checks and pre-diabetes checks.

Sarah Hyde - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Sarah joined the practice in June 2020. A prescribing nurse practitioner. Seeing patients acute problems, alongside the management of long term conditions. 


We have a valuable support team, many who have served at the practice for many years - Amanda, Jenni, Debby O, Debbie P, Dawn, Louise, Pat, & Hannah