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We offer a range of different services at Forum Family Practice, including podiatry, speech & language therapy, and travel advice. These are provided by GP's, practice nurses, other health professionals based here or a mixture of all of them.

When requesting an appointment with one of our clinicians we will always ask for a reason why. This allows our Patient Coordinators to signpost you to the most appropriate service. It might not always be what you think!

For some conditions, your clinician may refer you to another service to continue your care and/or treatment. Some of these services run from within the health centre and some are provided externally.

If you have a question about a specific condition or service not mentioned below please speak to one of our Patient Coordinators or visit NHS Website

Annual Reviews

Good management of people with long-term conditions helps people enjoy a better quality of life, free from frequent crises and has been shown to reduce hospital visits.

 Our Annual Reviews

Breast Feeding Room

Please ask a member of staff at the main reception desk who will be more than happy to assist you.


We provide a full contraceptive service at the surgery. We have GPs specially trained in the insertion and removal of both the contraceptive Implant and the Coil.

Your Contraception Guide

District Nurses

The district nursing team do a fantastic job of visiting and supporting patients who are unable to attend the surgery because of illness or infirmity. Telephone: 01670 536 400

Health Advisor

Are you ready to make a life change? If so this free NHS service can help you to stop smoking, reduce alcohol, eat more healthily and access physical activities. If you want to find out more, contact the team on 01670 623 840

Health Visitors and Child Health

Our Health Visitors do a great job supporting families with children, offering advice to mothers concerning aspects of their child’s health & social situation.

Head lice checks are provided. A baby clinic is held weekly in the Health Centre. Telephone: 01670396123.

Mental Health Self-help Material

For self-help booklets written by clinical psychologists from Northumberland.

 Follow this link for computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


Our Midwives liaise with the GPs to offer a full antenatal service. The team has close working relationships with Cramlington Maternity Unit and the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Telephone: 01670 396 177

Minor Injuries

The surgery offers urgent appointments for minor injuries. The following list gives guidance on the types of minor injuries covered;

  • Cuts and Grazes
  • Eye Injury
  • Sprains
  • Bites and Stings
  • Bruises
  • Foreign Bodies
  • Minor Head Injuries without a Blackout

Minor Surgery

Dr Naylor offers a minor surgery service at the practice. Minor surgical procedures are those not requiring hospital facilities; including removal of moles, skin lesions, drainage of skin abscesses, nail removal, and joint injections.

Northumberland Joint Musculoskeletal and Pain Service (JMAPS)

You may be directed to self-refer to the JMAPs service for physio and joint pain.

Access Northumberland Joint Musculoskeletal and Pain Service (JMAPS)


You can book an appointment at the main reception desk at the Health Centre if you wish to see a podiatrist.

To access this service directly you should either be aged over 60 or have diabetes. Telephone: 01670 536 400

Stopping Smoking

You are up to four times more likely to succeed in your quit attempt if you access support from your local free NHS Stop Smoking Service.

Take control and ring to arrange your appointment, call 01670 813 135.

Talking Therapy & Crisis Resolution Team

During times of stress, low mood, anxiety or crisis, there are always those who can support you. Talking Matters Northumberland is a self-referral service for talking therapies. They are extremely supportive and can be contacted by calling 0300 3030 700.

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team is a team of experienced mental health staff, which includes nurses, social workers, psychiatrists and pharmacy staff. They offer assessment and home treatment for people over 16 experiencing a mental health crisis, as an alternative to hospital admission. The Team operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Telephone for Service Users/Carers making referrals 24/7: 0303 123 1146

Travel Advice

If you are planning to travel abroad you should check what vaccinations are recommended for the areas you will be visiting. Not all vaccinations are available through the NHS and we advise you to check before attending your appointment. 

Check what vaccinations are recommended to you.

Information on Fear of Flying.